Interview: L PLUS on Everyone / The Lost Moon, studio beverages and an exclusive mix

Check the exclusive L PLUS guest mix here.

Ahoj, Larry! You’re back on Technique with another brilliant release, this time in the form of Everyone / The Lost Moon. The a-side especially is doing it for us, somewhat reminiscent of The Prototype’s ‘Pale Blue Dot’. Was that a conscious influence on the production of ‘Everyone’?

Thanks! Yeah, there’s a synth that’s very similar to the one The Prototypes used in Pale Blue Dot. That sample is used quite a lot these days in electro house and other styles. To be honest, I created a project with with that sample more than a year ago because I found it very cool to use it in a D&B tune, but I finished it just 3-4 months ago. Not sure if I heared Pale Blue Dot before that time, but yeah, there could be something reminiscent.

Friction described the release as an ‘absolute dancefloor smasher’ during the exclusive first play on Radio 1. To receive appraisal and support from such outlets is great, how do you progress from here?

Friction is really one of the biggest drum & bass heads and I’ve been listening his shows from the beginning. Really like his selection and it’s an absolute honour for me to hear what he said about it. I really like that feeling and I’m gonna do my best to experience it again.

You’re touring all over the place right now, but who’s topping your playlist? Do you have that classic go-to track you absolutely must play?

Yeah, but it could be better ;) Of course I have aces in the record bag which I use in almost every set. One of the tunes I still have to play is 2DB – Original Soundsystem Style; I play only the intro usually, but it’s so heavy, people love that much, and of course it’s classic Technique music, the label I’m representing now. Another tune I used to play very often is Sub Focus – Timewarp VIP which I use when I play lot of unreleased (for people unknown) music – he intro sound so significant, everyone on the floor knows it!

With all the current hating on 10 year old producer/maybe-not-producer Aiden Jude for his track ‘Tonight’ for rumours of ghost productions and his denial of such, what do you think of the situation?

Oh, I’ve never heard about this. Oh gza, what I was doing when I was 10?? Just watching the video on YouTube and yeah, it’s the first thing that comes to mind; his mother is not only good cook. It seems as a courageous marketing project. I think I’m gonna follow him to see what happened next. Maybe he could paint the Sistine Chapel again.

What’s your studio beverage of choice?

I made tons of ginger lemonade with vanilla sugar in my studio, so that’s the number one definitely. And of course Lavazza espresso is a close second behind ginger.

You’ve been producing since 2004; for those who’ve been producing for a similar period and feel like they’re not making progress, what would you say to them?

The longer you work hard, the more progress you achieve. I wish I could leave my day job to spend more hours in studio; right now I’m working evenings, every day for about six hours.

What’s your best joke?
I’m really sorry I don’t have sense of humor.

Top three tracks:

Any closing words?

Yeah, I really want to thank to Simon Bassline for helping me to get my music to higher level, and BBC Radio1Xtra for supporting my new releases. And if you find this interview a little informative, please follow me on Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud.  Thanks for reading ;)

Everyone / The Lost Moon is available now on iTunes.


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