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Confession: The first thing I wanted to write about Kinetics’ new EP was how much it reminded me of other artists. I got settled in with headphones and cued up the three tracks. Subterranean kicks off and that stupid part of my brain goes “durhuh, this sounds like (for argument’s sake) Dub Phisix”. You know the thing; when you’re so convinced that a track is ripping off artist X, Y & Z  that you can’t shake it.

Then you go listen to those other folks again and you mentally slap yourself for being a judgemental ass when they sound nothing alike in the execution…

While Kinetics might have their roots firmly in the soup of DnB, garage and dubstep that’s grown into modern bass music, they take those influences and try to master them so they can wear them proudly. This is tightly wound, beautifully produced and heavy as hell.

The basslines that rumble through the first two tracks are fluid sub rattling monsters: liquid drum and bass clarity and airiness and minimal dubstep warping create these slippery ground-shakers that are constantly pulling in opposite directions. That sense that everything is ever so finely balanced between low end and the snap and crack of the drums is what really made me regret rushing to conclusions. The collaboration with Desola feels a lot more predictable than the other tracks, but in a reassuring way: it’s chilled and classy, a little icy maybe, but that comes as some relief after being wrecked by the opening two tunes.

What really shines through over the whole EP is the really tight foregrounding of certain elements that give focus to the drums and samples triggered over the sub-bass and prominent echo effects. These are breaks, but so beautifully shuffled and loose, and peppered with processed finger clicks and handclaps, that they stand out from all the chopped amens and 808s that we take for granted. - promo delivery for DJs and labels

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That looseness is what really got me onboard: This isn’t sloppy, or willfully messy, it sounds confident in the way it recognises and incorporates influences and styles. Confident enough in its individual elements to show them off and really play with them till you can’t help but find yourself slow motion hand dancing to the bass from behind your laptop and then- wait, I’ve said too much!

Ace EP, for fans of minimal DnB, and Dub influenced electronic music of all flavours. Check it out on Beatport.