Supreme Being interview: running on Costa, Katie Hopkins’ suction and ‘The Loco’ EP

Supreme Being, welcome to the wonderful world of Bass Explorer! How has your day been? Is it true that Costa is pretty much keeping you alive? How many points do you have on your card?

Awiiiight, thanks for having me! My day hasn’t been too bad actually; I woke up about an hour ago, showered up, made myself a home brewed Costa and some porridge and hey presto, I’m a real boy!

That is actually true. Basically if I don’t have a Costa, I start producing EDM and that is a very dangerous place. Well up to now I’m on 621 Costa Club Balance points which can get me a Primo Caffe Latte and a muffin. It was in the thousands but as time went by and service stations appeared, the points decreased. I had enough for my own Costa shop at one point.

So, lets get down with the nitty gritty. Please tell us all about your new EP released on Image Muzik. It sounds outrageous, which is what we like. How has production been like for these sounds and which one is your favourite track?

Awww shucks, I’m glad you like it! Well basically I decided to go in totally the opposite direction to what everyone else is doing. The title track of the EP ‘Loco’ was wierd, as the whole engineering part of it just had to be left kinda raw. I tried to polish it up and make it sound smooth and all levelled, but I just lost the whole vibe the track had, so I started to strip back everything that is supposed to be right in a mixdown and kept a lot of elements dry and shazam… it became what it is.

The production for these was over a lot of late nights as I’m sharing the studio with the Leicester lot, and they aren’t cut up with being nocturnal, besides Jaydan who is coming with some bangers very soon.

Brainwash went through about sixteen different version but I always went back to the first draft. So basically I spent three months going back and forth with new intros, new drums, creating new bass sounds and then I opened up the first draft and spent two hours on the mixdown and then that was the final! So a little bit of advice; don’t overthink things – the initial vibe is captured first hand and then you start chipping away at it so just stick to what you started!

What is the plan for future projects? Do you have any cheeky collabs coming up? Give us an idea of what we can expect from you in 2014.

Future projects hey? Well I’m currently working on an EP for Viper Recordings which I am excited about finishing off and I have a lot of remixes coming out soon too. I have collaborated with Original Sin on a lot of tracks but only two of them will be put forward for release because we’re fussy like that haha! I was speaking to Sub Zero the other night too and we were talking about doing another track together soon so that is definitely on the cards. A collab with Voltage from Cabin Fever is going to happen too. Plus I am working on seven tracks of my own at the minute too on top of all that, and I’m sure more will spawn.

Got to keep the wheels moving, too many eyes and ears watching though so I have to keep the tracks a little secret for now unless I’m playing out somewhere.

What is your opinion on Katie Hopkins? Do you also question humanity when watching her breath?

Katie Hopkins… I definitely think she was a goer back in her day, she has that look on her – that her mouth is as powerful as a Dyson Hoover. The ‘never loses suction’ vibe. But then there is the side of where she looks like you’d come home after a long days work and she’d have baked you some bread and a muffin to relax to….

I do question my own humanity to be honest!

Where would you like to be in five years time in terms of your career? Ever thought about switching things up and becoming a fish monger in your local Tesco? Probably the best job I have ever had.

Good Question! Hopefully I’ll still be making music and I wouldn’t have lost my arms in a nasty spaghetti eating competition… that would be nice.

Im not looking at stopping, so in five years time I WILL be making DnB. Every time i think to myself “I cant take it anymore” something kicks in and my creative mind goes into overdrive and that is what carries me. I’m not to please anyone else but to make music I want to make, and if people enjoy it then that’s cool. And they obviously do so thank-you everyone.

[Current promo]

Your sound and style of Drum and Bass is very distinctive, we love it, have you ever thought about experimenting with other genres? What do you think about the world of DnB? We are all ears.

Thankyou :) I have made other genres actually, house, hip hop, instrumental music, dubstep (don’t hate… I never released a track haha), breaks, some weird funk thing that I don’t know what genre it falls into.

I have even just made random soundscapes that go on for minutes at a time -movie sounds I suppose… It’s all just to break away from doing the same thing over and over again to freshen my head up with ideas.

ADHD is not exactly good to have either so I do have to diversify otherwise I start to get bored, so producing in other genres is a good thing for any producer out there. It helps keep your producer side healthy.

Give me three artists that you would love to work with in terms of B2B business or production. Who floats your boat?

The first, Liam Howlett from the Prodigy. It was them who I grew up to with all their strange ways of making music. That would be immense, even to just sit there and watch!

The Second would be Rob Swire from Pendulum and Knife Party. They changed everything in DnB whether people believe it or not. I love the organic sound to drums and as they came from a band background, they understood music and how it should be structured before they even switch on the computer!

The Third, Noisia. Those guys love Synthesis and I’m obsessed with it; i think we would come with something pretty damn insane… not that they don’t on their own anyway haha.

What came first, the chicken or the egg?

Neither, they don’t exist.

The Loco EP is out now on iTunes.

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